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Key West

I hadn’t been to Key West in a decade, so when a friend invited me to come down to explore this little latitude town, I jumped at the chance.

Way back when, Key West held my heart in its magical grip. Victorian style houses, adorned with gingerbread trimmings, and lush gardens overflowing with palm trees and tropical plants all served to keep me inspired until the next time I could break away from my home in New England and visit, once again, this place my heart mourned for.

Now that I live here in South Florida, and Key West is only a few hours drive from my home, it took on a different feel. Maybe it’s the age, the city’s or mine, because while it was nice and lovely and charming, it was, somehow, not as magical as I remembered. It was a wonderful city rich with wonderful memories, but I did not mourn it when I left.

Pug was born in Key West, 1407 Petronia Street to be exact, as were many of my dreams, most of which have manifested. And perhaps that’s the key – we hold fast to our dreams as Langston Hughes wrote, until we make our dreams a reality when we create new dreams. Maybe that’s why I feel so differently about Key West now, it had fulfilled my needs beyond my wildest dreams but now it’s time for new dreams; a new focus.

In taking photographs of the city, I noticed my subject matter had changed considerably since my last visit. Back then I was interested in preserving images of palm trees and other tropical foliage. They were the food for my soul. This time it was the details of the city and surrounding area which captured my attention.

I invite you to review the details of your own life. What’s clear, what needs a new focus and how will you manifest the dreams you’ve held in your heart?


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Photo credit: Diana Taylor, all photos